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Year-End Letter, Go Forward Plan 2018

Greetings from California. Team JDA GLOBAL wishes you all the best this holiday season and a Happy New Year. NOMADS worldwide helped us surpass 40% year over year growth 2017 vs. 2016, which featured excellent participation from all world regions and from distributors and buyers big and small…CONGRATS.

JDA GLOBAL once again aggressively introduced hundreds of new parts in 2017, as well as the PWR-FLO™ air valve design, now available through our entire line of metallic and non-metallic pumps. NOMADS worldwide continued to put pressure on KEY OEM MANUFACTURERS in our industry. 2018 will bring forth MORE parts and pumps, which will accelerate your growth and profit.


As we enter 2018, The 2”aluminum bolted pump will arrive, as well as the ductile iron pump in the 1.5” size. Dozens of new parts will roll out in our March 2018 product offering and price sheets.

Our DESERT GROUP meeting in 2018 will take us to ARUBA in April, where our top 15 distributors will converge and help us draft a winning growth program for NOMADS worldwide.

See you at the NEW JDA GLOBAL FACILITY, or at your place of business soon…ONWARD ALL NOMADS.

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