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Year-End Letter, Go Forward Plan 2017

Greetings from California. Team JDA sends warm wishes for a great holiday season and happy new year to all NOMADS worldwide. We trust that your company excelled in 2016, and that you envision 2017 as a year of major growth opportunity for JDA GLOBAL products.

Once again in 2016 we fulfilled our pledge to provide you with 250 NEW PARTS EVERY 6 MONTHS. Our mutual efforts drove enhanced brand awareness across the globe, putting greater pressure on key OEM manufacturers as they once again raised prices and downgraded their delivery capacity. Furthermore, our largest aftermarket diaphragm pump parts competitor chose to discontinue service, no doubt in part due to your efforts in the field.


Rest assured that 2017 will bring forth another year of multiple product introductions, from diaphragm pumps in 1/4” aluminum and S.S to a 3” S.S model, all of which will feature our new PWR-FLO® air distribution system.

Our DESERT GROUP meeting in Scottsdale, AZ., held in May 2016, brought together new members and veterans, building new bonds and a greater sense of market direction for JDA GLOBAL. Our 4th annual meeting will take place at the exquisite Sheraton Grande Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, another perfect desert location for our TOP 15 NOMADS to once again work hard and play hard.


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