Replacement Parts that fit Wilden® | After-Market Parts

Part Name Part No. Parts that Fit OEM Part No. Details
Hardware N01-6080-03 Wilden® 01-6080-03 N01-6080-03
Hardware N01-6100-03 Wilden® 01-6100-03 N01-6100-03
Hardware N01-6101-03 Wilden® 01-6101-03 N01-6101-03
Hardware N01-6150-03 Wilden® 01-6150-03 N01-6150-03
Hardware N01-6400-03 Wilden® 01-6400-03 N01-6400-03
Hardware N01-6730-03 Wilden® 01-6730-03 N01-6730-03
Hardware N01-6802-08 Wilden® 01-6802-08 N01-6802-08
Reducer Bushing N01-6950-13 Wilden® 01-6950-13 N01-6950-13
Reducer Bushing N01-6950-20 Wilden® 01-6950-20 N01-6950-20
Clamp Band N01-7100-03 Wilden® 01-7100-03 N01-7100-03
Clamp Band N01-7300-03 Wilden® 01-7300-03 N01-7300-03
Insert N01-7720-03 Wilden® 01-7720-03 N01-7720-03
Grounding Strap N01-8303-99 Wilden® 01-8303-99 N01-8303-99
PTFE Gasket Kits N01-9500-99 Wilden® 01-9500-99 N01-9500-99
PTFE Gasket Kits N01-9501-99 Wilden® 01-9501-99 N01-9501-99
Elastomer Kits N01-9550-51 Wilden® 01-9550-51 N01-9550-51
Elastomer Kits N01-9550-52 Wilden® 01-9550-52 N01-9550-52
Elastomer Kits N01-9550-53 Wilden® 01-9550-53 N01-9550-53
Elastomer Kits N01-9550-54 Wilden® 01-9550-54 N01-9550-54
Elastomer Kits N01-9550-55 Wilden® 01-9550-55 N01-9550-55