Replacement Parts that fit Wilden® | After-Market Parts

Part Name Part No. Parts that Fit OEM Part No. Details
Liquid Chamber N20-5000-02 Wilden® 20-5000-02 N20-5000-02
T-Section N20-5160-02 Wilden® 20-5160-02 N20-5160-02
Manifold N20-5220-02 Wilden® 20-5220-02 N20-5220-02
Pot N20-5460-02 Wilden® 20-5460-02 N20-5460-02
Plate N20-5480-02 Wilden® 20-5480-02 N20-5480-02
Manifold N20-5540-02 Wilden® 20-5540-02 N20-5540-02
Wing Nut N20-6160-08 Wilden® 20-6160-08 N20-6160-08
Hardware N20-6300-08 Wilden® 20-6300-08 N20-6300-08
Wing Nut N20-6690-02 Wilden® 20-6690-02 N20-6690-02
Hardware N20-7010-08 Wilden® 20-7010-08 N20-7010-08
Clamp Band N20-7100-08 Wilden® 20-7100-08 N20-7100-08
Clamp Band N20-7200-08 Wilden® 20-7200-08 N20-7200-08
O-Ring N70-1280-55 Wilden® 70-1280-55 N70-1280-55
Damperner Connections N70-8600-20 Wilden® 70-8600-20 N70-8600-20
Damperner Connections N70-8600-20-14 Wilden® 70-8600-20-14 N70-8600-20-14
Damperner Connections N70-8600-21 Wilden® 70-8600-21 N70-8600-21
Damperner Connections N70-8600-21-14 Wilden® 70-8600-21-14 N70-8600-21-14
Hardware N71-6250-08 Wilden® 71-6250-08 N71-6250-08
Grease Packet N99-8310-99 Wilden® 99-8310-99 N99-8310-99